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Author:  JonnyB [ Tue Mar 03, 2009 8:46 am ]
Post subject:  Willmar Rifle & Pistol Club

The annual meeting for this group is soon upon us. I don't have exact date information but can post it when I know.

This is a pretty informal organization. Cost has been in the $40 range to get a key to the outdoor range. Shooting times are pretty much dawn 'til dark, year around. f you can get the gate open (as in, when the snow is gone), you can shoot.

There's a covered, 25-yard pistol/rimfire rifle range and 25, 50, 100 and 200 yard rifle ranges. The rules are paper targets only; no plates, pins or "junk" (we've had assholes shooting their old TVs and computers).

Membership can be purchased at Mel's in Spicer or Pat Laib's gunsmithing shop, also in Spicer. I don't know if anyone in Willmar sells 'em, as Holm Brothers hardware closed a few years ago.

(Edit to add) Doh! I imagine Kyle Carlson at Zero Tolerance Arms & Ammo has them for sale. (Insert photo of me smacking forehead.)

Willmar also has an indoor range for winter shooting. You needn't be a member of anything but the human race to shoot there. It's open Tuesday and Thursday evenings; 630PM 'til 9 or 930. It's in the city auditorium. Cost is practically nothing; last I heard it was still $1.50 for a half-hour. Targets are 10 cents or bring your own. Electric target holders; max distance is just over 60 feet, I think. Please don't bring your .480, .454 or .500 Magnums; they aren't appreciated. :-)


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